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TMS6 Terminal Management System

Since 1995, TMS5 has become the most widely used and trusted terminal management system in the world. With the introduction of TMS6, Toptech's next generation terminal management system, the best has become even better!

TMS6 is ideal for a variety of terminaling applications including gasoline, light oil, LPG, chemical, fertilizer, and asphalt sites. TMS6 can also handle most any terminal configuration from a manual loading rack to facilities with multiple loading bays and a variety of electronic controls.

It doesn't matter whether you operate a single terminal or a hundred; TMS6 delivers everything you expect and more!


  • Load Rack Control
  • Terminal Balancing
  • Client/Host Interfaces
  • Stock Balancing
  • EDI Interfaces
  • Multi-user Support
  • Extensive Reports
  • Allocations Management
  • Pager/E-mail/Fax Support


TMS6 brings all of the features, functionality, and reliability TMS5 users have grown to expect while featuring some highly anticipated enhancements.

  • System Flexibility
    TMS6 can handle most any terminal configuration from manual loading racks to facilities with a variety of electronic controls. In addition, TMS6 supports an unlimited number of drivers, carriers, and customers.
  • Improved Safety
    TMS6 monitors ESD status, grounding systems, overfill systems, and stow switches. TMS6 also utilizes configurable Load Start Timeout, Pump Run Timeout, and Load Completion Timeout.
  • Enhanced Product Security
    With TMS6, you can maintain control of who enters your facility, when they can enter, and the products they can load.
  • Better Utilization of Manpower
    TMS6 simplifies the process of running a terminal. End-of-Day and End-of-Month processing are greatly simplified.
  • Excellent Integration with Corporate ERP Systems
    TMS6 can interface with your corporate ERP system allowing customer and transaction data to flow seamlessly through your entire network.
  • Standardized Operation Between Facilities
    Loading procedures and driver prompts can be standardized across all your terminals. Operational and reporting requirements can also be standardized.
  • Product Reconciliation
    TMS6 makes it easy to take control of product movements into and out of your facility. Standard reports are available to track load rack activity by account, carrier, product, or meter. Numerous other features are available to account for every gallon of product.
  • Improved Integration with Corporate Networks
    TMS6 supports better integration within the corporate network. For example, printer support for reports, etc. is driven by the connected workstation; any printer supported by the workstation is also supported by the application without further configuration.
  • Automated Data Conversion
    The migration from TMS5 to TMS6 is simplified with automated database conversion utilities. These utilities eliminate the need to re-enter existing TMS5 database.

The TMS6 user interface is a Windows-based client developed using the latest Microsoft .NET technology. The result is an attractive graphical interface with good performance over both slow and high-speed connections. Mission-critical applications, however, are still controlled by the Linux server, so any lockup or failure related to the client PCs will not impact the ability of TMS6 to open gates, load trucks, or print BOLs.

TMS6 incorporates database changes to more closely align with ERP systems. These modifications will assist in building interfaces to SAP or other ERP systems by reducing the amount of data requiring translation. An example of one of the enhancements is the expansion of the Stockholder, Customer, and Account numbers from 7 to 10 characters.

The TMS6 platform supports both single and double-byte languages allowing support of Asian character sets and resulting in a truly global terminal management system. TMS6 utilizes a high performance, multi-threaded database server with server-side ODBC, SQL compliant access from Windows clients. Third-party tools such as Microsoft Access or Crystal Reports can be used to access all TMS6 databases.

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