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Welcome to the Toptech Assistance Center


The Toptech Assistance Center is the place to go for Toptech customers to access the latest information about their support issues and service requests.

Access to the Toptech Assistance Center provides you with the following benefits:

Access to Support Issues 
You have the ability to query and view your company specific software and hardware issues.

Toptech User Documentation You have the ability to view and print past and current Release and Build Notes and Technical Bulletins. MultiLoad users can download Release Notes and review firmware compatibility guidelines.

Customer Notifications You have access to the latest customer service bulletins, special notices, and information.

Provide Feedback You have access to our customer surveys to provide input on Toptech services so we can continue to exceed our customer expectations.

Online Support Contact You have the ability to enter Support Tickets by using an online form. Once entered, these requests become automatically queued for a follow-up call from our Response Center.

The TAC is now available to any Toptech customer with a current Maintenance and Support Agreement. If you are a current customer with a Maintenence and Support Agreement but aren't a member, you can click on the My Account link up above to request a new account.

 For those who still need to access the old TAC tool please go to


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